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Mandarin lightens skin
Maintains moisture balance
The Silk Extract works from the inside, by controlling the production of melanin



This dualaction formulation effectively lightens your skin tone at the same time as deepmoisturizing it. The presence of Vitamin C rich mandarins externally lightens the complexion. Then again, the silk extract works from the inside, by controlling the production of skin darkening pigment, melanin. Together they grant you a softer, smoother and fairer complexion.

What causes skin-darkening and a lack-luster complexion?

In today’s world where skin care, personal health care regime, and the like have shifted to the back burner on account of non-availability of time, the stressed lifestyle eventually starts to show on the face. The skin loses its shine and tends to fall prey to allergies, pigmentation, sun’s harmful UV rays, pollution, acne, and the like. As a counter effect to UV rays of the sun, the skin produces Melanin to keep the skin protected from tanning and sun burns. This Melanin causes the skin to darken. Moreover, the skin loses moisture and dry patches, dark spots, blemishes and pimples turn into an everyday thing.

To keep the skin protected from damage, a regular skin care Cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine is important. After proper cleansing and toning, it is very important lock the lost moisture and keep pores from clogging. This purpose is served with a proper moisturizing lotion that not only keeps the skin hydrated all over the day but also keeps it protected from external attack of microbes and sun.

What are Mandarin Extracts and how do they Lighten the skin tone?

Tangerine or Mandarin Orange grows in China and is then taken to Europe to retrieve the most useful extracts from it- the Mandarin Essential Oil. Known for its vivid medicinal properties, Mandarin Oil is a great anti-septic and anti-bacterial making it a great safeguard ingredient from allergies, microbes and acne. Mandarin Oil seeps down the layers of the skin and improves blood and lymph circulation. This rejuvenates the skin and helps in proper hydration. The skin stays supple and vibrant. By promoting cell growth and renewal, Mandarin Oil reduces tanning, pigmentation and blemishes thereby giving you a renewed look altogether.

The Vitamin-C rich Mandarin Extracted Oil polishes the skin to renewal and lightens the complexion from within by purifying the blood and facilitating removal of toxic substances.

What is Silk Extract and how does it benefit the skin?

Silk is known for its silken sheen and beauty. With advancement of technology, now Silk Extracts are being used to reinforce the enigma of the skin. Silk Extracts are highly rich in proteins. These proteins make the skin lustrous and act as a powerful protection from external factors that can possibly harm the skin. The sun’s UV rays accelerate the production of Melanin in the skin which results in darkness of the skin. Silk Extracts instantly get absorbed in the skin and boost the metabolism of epidermis and corium, hydrate the skin and also keep watch over the production of Melanin. Silk Extracts promote cell regeneration and promote smoothing of wrinkles moisturizing well.

Providing an active sun protection and skin whitening effect, Silk Extracts contain amino acids that aid even toning the skin’s texture thereby making it soft to touch and tempting to watch.

Mandarin lightens skin
Maintains moisture balance
The Silk Extract works from the inside, by controlling the production of melanin

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