SH. HUDA 12 pc set Liquid matte lipstick (Multicolor, 60 ml) Price: 279.00 (as of 11/04/2023 07:40 PST- Details)

Gives a Matte finish look
Texture is: Liquid
Quantity: 60 ml



SH. HUDA liquid lipstick Offers matte texture with a top-pigmented colour definition. It is available in a liquid shape with a broom applicator on its lid closure that glides smoothly along your lips. It delivers smooth lip colour that glides right on and provides silky matte finish. A particularly smooth and matte texture and designed for shaping, lining and filling the lips. It is long-lasting.

Offers a Matte finish glance
Texture is: Liquid
Amount: 60 ml
Set of 12
Premium quality

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