VLCC Honey Moisturizer, 100ml with Free Cold Cream, 100g

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Honey Moisturiser
Moisturizes well
Light and non greasy



Honey moisturizer, this moisturiser enriched with honey and jojoba oil hydrates and stipulations the surface. Cold cream, VLCC liquorice cold cream is helping in providing skin with precious moisture,this cold cream is enriched with SPF 10 which is helping in protective skin from harmful effects of sun.

Honey Moisturiser
Moisturizes smartly
Gentle and non greasy
Pleasant smell. Cold cream
The Insta Truthful & Glow Moisturizing Cold Cream is designed to nourish your skin in winter
Enriched with Mulberry wealthy supply of skin moisturiser and Liquorice
This distinctive formulation makes your skin fairer and softer

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